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  1. Jean Kittson speaks about why she is dying to talk and why you should be as well.

  2. Brumbies and Wallabies rugby player Henry Speight speaks about how death has affected his life and the differences in grieving in Australia compared to his home in Fiji. He shares his experience of having two family members die and the 100 days of mourning that is traditional in Fiji.  

  3. Caitlin Doughty is an American based mortician and death theorist. She shares her experiences of working with families after a person has died and how important having conversations about their wishes is.

  4. Comedian Luke Ryan talks about being diagnosed with cancer twice in his life. He share what he’s learned from using humour to broach talking about death with family and friends. He wants the community to talk more about the end of life and their wishes.

  5. Connie Johnson, co-founder of the Love Your Sister campaign, shares her story. Connie was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer over five years ago and has been receiving palliative care in conjunction with her curative care treatment. She shares her experience to help promote palliative care and encourage the community to start talking about dying.

  6. Jean Kittson is the ambassador for Palliative Care Nurses Australia and speaks about her encounters with people who have received and gave palliative care. Jean presents a lighter tone on the issue of death and dying and wants people to start the talk before it’s too late.

  7. Bassam shares his story about being diagnosed with terminal cancer and his experience with palliative care. After being told the cancer was incurable, Bassam tried different medical trials to ease his pain and discomfort with no luck. Bassam chose to access palliative care to manage his emotional and physical needs. His pain eased and he […]

  8. Kaye’s story

    19 April 2016

    Kaye’s story provides an insight to her diagnosis of peritoneal mesothelioma and her experience with palliative care. Kaye received early intervention from the palliative care team and was able to receive emotional and physical support to help her through her painful surgery and recovery. Kaye encourages all people with a life limiting illness to access […]


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