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Art Competition Winners 2020

‘Palliative Care… It’s more than you think!’

Winners of the 2020 Art competition have been announced!

Palliative Care Australia has recently wrapped up its 2020 Art Competition. This competition is an important tool to raise awareness in the community about palliative care, end-of-life care, death and bereavement.

This year’s theme “Palliative Care… It’s more than you think!” aimed to challenge common misconceptions about palliative care. Artist were encouraged to think beyond the care provided at the very end of life, and instead focus on how palliative care can improve quality of life, helping people participate in activities that are important to them, and creating opportunities for love, laugher, creativity, and fulfilment.

The 2020 competition once again saw record participation, with a total of 288 entries received from across the country. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the overall quality of artworks and the many amazing interpretations of the theme ‘Palliative Care… It’s more than you think!’

PCA wishes to acknowledge and thank our panel of judges, Behzad Alipour, Hanna Hoyne, and Mike Sarah for their work in judging the competition. Thank you also to all the amazing artists who submitted entries, and to everyone who voted for the people’s choice award.

Palliative Care Australia (PCA) is very pleased to announce the following winners of the 2020 Dying to Talk Art Competition:

Overall Winner

“Just One More Chocolate Éclair ” by Eve Jeffery

“When Greg was dying, his family placed a hospital bed in his lounge room so that anyone who wanted to come and say goodbye, could.
Greg had many visitors over those last few days, it was more like a celebration than saying goodbye.
So many people came and laughed and cried.
He didn’t feel much like eating but said all he wanted a chocolate éclair.
Now, Greg was a great chef surrounded by great cooks – he could have had anything he wanted in those last hours, but all he wanted was a bloody chocolate éclair – he got his wish.”

Emerging Artist Award

Young Artist Award

“Every Second Counts” by Cindy Bilangan “Chains and Cranes” by Fiona Liu
“Palliative Care is more than what most people think.
“A carer is a hero, a supportive companion, a friend who listens and someone who makes them feel safe.
Behind every tearful eye is fulfilment and joy as carers are witnesses to every seconds of excitement, sorrow and happiness.
This piece shows a glimpse of a patient beside loved ones celebrating either an important occasion or a normal family visit.
A moment that will forever be cherished and never forgotten.”

“Different cultures suggest different possibilities for the symbolism of a crane, but what speaks to me, is that it represents happiness.
Learning to fold origami cranes and folding strips of paper to create chains of Chinese dragons – those were the happiest moments I shared with my grandma.
The idea I want to share is that everyone will eventually have to face death, whether it is their own death or the death of someone dear to them.
Hence, we should cherish every moment by doing what makes us happy with the people we love.”


People’s Choice Award

PCA Staff Choice Award

“Never Lose Hope” by Mishaa Shah “Venture” by Jennifer Colbron

“Palliative Care….It’s more than you think!
My Painting represents a family member from one of the Palliative Care patients.
Just like the girl has the balloons up high but does not want to let go off them, in the same way it means that she does not want her close relative to go.
But she can still find happiness and bright colours in her life, just like the balloons facing the sky.
Even if she has lost everything, she still has one thing, HOPE!
If one thing can change the whole world or any person, THAT IS HOPE.”

“Taking the road less travelled is better done in the company of those you love.
This is particularly poignant in today’s society when COVID-19 impacts the ability to provide comfort to loved ones who may be suffering from this devastating illness.
I painted this piece in recognition for all those people who cannot be physically present in supporting their more vulnerable loved ones.”

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