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Art Competition Judges

Connection with Community Judges

The winners of PCA’s 2016 art competition have generously agreed to judge this year’s competition, along with artist Margaret Ambridge, who will be having an exhibition ’til death’ which will be held in conjunction with the Australian Palliative Care Conference in September.

Margaret Ambridge

Margaret Ambridge is both a practicing physiotherapist and a nationally exhibited artist.

She has worked in Palliative Care, A ged Care and Chronic Pain Management for the last 25 years. Margaret has long held a passionate interest in the arts and humanity.

Margaret has been a finalist in many major art prizes, including the Waterhouse and the Fleurieu art prizes, and has been an invited artist to the Kedumba Drawing Award. Her work is held in public and private national, and private international collections.

Margaret is interested in boundaries around age at both ends of life, around love and faith, and the confines we place on them. Margaret’s solo exhibitions have centred on private moments, relationship complexities and universally recognised feelings and emotions. She is interested in how people handle adversity, how they move through life and find strength in what sometimes seems like the insurmountable.

Margaret Ambridge Art Facebook Page

Anzara Clark

Anzara is a Melbourne based, award-winning artist and arts educator working in textiles, paper and recyclable materials to tell stories of transition, memory, identity and shared human experiences. Drawing inspiration from many sources, sometimes extraordinary and sometimes mundane; Anzara works in two and three dimensions, often merging them. She is particularly interested in the creative possibilities available through the language of clothing. Making processes that focus on fine crafting and require patience create a framework for her creative production and support an immersion in the voice of the work and the making of memories as well as the visual aesthetic.

Many of Anzara’s works are of an ephemeral nature, reflecting the transience of life and the inevitability of death. A tragic loss within her family triggered a journey with grief that extended into her arts practice and helped her appreciate the enormous potential for art to support death, dying and grieving. Whether through individual practice or community arts programs, art has a unique and powerful role to play in supporting death, dying, grieving and life transitions.

Anzara’s practice incorporates studio and commissioned work, arts projects and customised workshops.

Ashley Fiona

My name is Ashley Fiona. I’m an artist. I live in Port Stephens, New South Wales, Australia. I create artworks to help others celebrate those loved and lost. My studio is free from machinery and production lines. Each piece is handmade, by me, in every way.

I create Ashkeepers to help families and individuals celebrate those loved and lost. Crafted by hand, Ashkeepers are a beautiful way to help cherish and nurture the memories of our beloveds. Each piece is designed to hold the ashes of a loved one or personal keepsakes or both. Once inverted, the lid creates a special candleholder for times of remembrance. Intentionally spherical, created from high fired porcelain, Ashkeepers breath life into the sadness of death and encourage us to cherish positive memories forever. An outcome of my own personal healing, an Ashkeeper is designed to do just that.

The foundations of my first Ashkeeper, to the Ashkeepers I create today, continue to inform and guide me on this journey of growth and healing. Death and bereavement are incredibly personal experiences and no two people ever experience loss in the same way. Ultimately, my Ashkeepers are an expression of my life’s experience. I have made it my mission to create each Ashkeeper as beautiful, personal and as meaningful as possible to honour the lives of those who have passed. My wish is that I am able to help even more families uncover the gifts and wisdom these sacred pieces have to offer, with the hope that they too are able to truly honour their grief.

Etsy shop: Ashley Fiona Ashkeepers & Ceramics


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