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Art Competition Gallery 2020

Welcome to Palliative Care Australia’s 2020 Art Competition gallery! PCA’s art competition aims to raise awareness in the community about palliative care, end-of-life care, death and bereavement. This theme for the competition was “Palliative Care… It’s more than you think!” which aimed to challenge common misconceptions about palliative care. Artists were encouraged to think beyond the care provided at the very end of life, and instead focus on how palliative care can improve quality of life, help people participate in activities that are important to them, and create opportunities for love, laughter, creativity, and fulfilment.

Winners were as follows:

2020 Overall Winner: “Just One More Chocolate Éclair ” by Eve Jeffery

Emerging Artist Award: “Every Second Counts” by Cindy Bilangan

Young Artist Award: “Chains and Cranes” by Fiona Liu

People’s Choice Award: “Never Lose Hope” by Mishaa Shah

PCA Staff Choice Award: “Venture” by Jennifer Colbron”


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