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Art Competition Judges 2020

We are proud to present you the judges for Palliative Care Australia’s 2020 Art Competition.

Behzad Alipour

Behzad Alipour is an Iranian born, Western Australian artist.

Behzad’s art is very personal. It often involves themes that some may find uncomfortable. It is a form of exploration to existential anxieties and enquiries towards transience and memory.

Lately, Behzad has been exploring the relationship between individuals and their autobiographical objects, particularly those personal effects that they have held close since childhood. He believes a specific object can hold a link to memories to a particular time, place and personal experiences.

Behzad’s research reaches beyond just relating to childhood memories, but also the interconnection of memory with feelings related to existential anxieties and personal identity.

Behzad studied the traditional style of the old masters at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy and Sweden during the summers of 2013 and 2016. He attained Graduate Certificate in Design and Art in 2017 and is currently admitted in Master of Applied Design and Art at Curtin University in WA.

Behzad is based in his Perth studio and he currently conducts art workshops and painting demonstrations. You can connect with Behzad at:

Behzad Alipour on Instagram (

Behzad Alipour’s website

Behzad Alipour on Facebook

Hanna Hoyne

Hanna Hoyne (MA 2004; PhD 2009) is a sculptor, designer & researcher, exhibiting in Australia, Germany & Hong Kong. She migrated from Germany to Australia aged 13 years old. Since 1998 she has created interactive sculpture & sculptural garments for performance, theatre & slow fashion. Between 2006-2017 Hanna worked as sessional lecturer & researcher at ANU & UCAN. Since 2017 she works freelance, competing for public sculpture tenders. She now actively seeks involvement with landscape architects (Redbox Design Group), cultural agencies (Cultural Capital Studio) and developers for larger collaborative sustainable public space design projects with a vision to the future.

In early 2020 Hanna was invited as an Art Consultant with Redbox Design Group to submit an upgrade & activation plan for Knowles Lane, City Square, for ACT City Renewal Authority. She is also a current ACT Government ‘Homefront’ grant recipient.  She is now working with South East Arts and the Field Screen International Collective to secure a mentorship program to support the Bushfire affected arts communities of NSW.

Hanna’s newest public sculpture Soul Mine (Moonvessel & Horn) was commissioned courtesy of Cultural Capital Studio by the Westconnex Canal To Creek New Public Art Program; it now stands in Linear Park, Kingsgrove in Sydney. Her 2018 work Crying Dinghy, a Spirit Recharge Vessel is installed at Henry Rolland Park at the edge of the Parliamentary Triangle in Canberra, commissioned by the ACT City Renewal Authority. Both these works were fabricated by international art fabricator UAP Company. During 2018, her sculpture tender designs were shortlisted twice, for Lake Macquarie NSW & Dampier Palms WA.

Of the PCA Art Competition Hanna had the following thoughts:

I think my works perhaps are suited to this palliative project as I think about dying all the time…where we go onto from this body… all my sculptures are about the vulnerability of our body and the needs of our psyche and our soul…my works offer spiritual protection or give cosmic recharge… we are all in this  journey together

You can view Hanna’s work at:

Hanna Hoyne on Instagram

Hanna Hoyne on YouTube

Mike Sarah

Mike Sarah is the ‘Creative and Managing Director’ of a boutique Canberra based Graphic Design and Communications Agency. Mike’s love of art as a form of communication inspired him to establish his own company, CouchCreative, in 2001.

Prior to studying Graphic Design in Sydney in the late 80s, Mike had a passion for drawing and painting and was keen to pursue a career where visual communication would enable him to creatively express himself. Graphic Design provided the perfect career path to develop his skills through the design and development of creative visual communication solutions.

In the early stages of his career, everything was created by hand so, in addition to providing a fantastic creative outlet, the necessity to be technically accurate and meticulous was also extremely important. Then, along came the computer. To say that they revolutionised the industry would be the understatement of the millennium. However, despite opening up the Design industry to non-traditional artist types, it was also the start of an entirely new world of opportunity…the fascinating world of digital communication.

Mike embraced the digital design world and has led his creative team for almost 20 years, designing and developing creative solutions and integrated campaigns for many and varied clients across both traditional and digital channels. And while he may not be picking up the paintbrush or pencils in ‘the line of duty’ anymore, his affinity with creativity and innovative communication solutions provides an outlet that brings a great deal of satisfaction at the end of the day.


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