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Art Competition Judges 2021

We are proud to present you the judges for Palliative Care Australia’s 2021 Art Competition.

Eve Jeffery

Journalist, photographer, filmmaker, artivist, vocal coach… Eve Jeffery, aka the Tree Faerie, has been a writer and photographer since her teen years in Melbourne. Her background in theatre, dance, puppetry, television and probably one too many days as a vocalist in a rock band rehearsal room, have allowed her to view the entertainment industry from both sides.

A well-spent youth as a little athlete, an A-Grade netballer, a one-eyed Collingwood supporter and fifth-form PE have added that pinch of sporting mongrel. Eve is also an artivist who has gathered a small armful of awards creating music videos, short films and a feature doco in the fight against the Coalmonster and the CSG Daemon as one half of Cloudcatcher Media.

2020’s COVID-19 Pandemic saw Eve find herself with way too much spare time, and she returned to teaching Vocal Coaching and Singing with both the Brunswick Valley School of Dance and as the founder of Byron Bay Singing.

Eve has been a single mother to the ‘best kids on the planet’ since 1992 – she has raised an activist/midwife and a ballerina, in that order. She has lived on the north coast since 1995 and loves and adores being part of what she considers the unique and very special Echo Publications family to whom she has belonged for 18 years. She is also a grandmother to an Italian Greyhound.

Mike Sarah

Mike Sarah is the ‘Creative and Managing Director’ of a boutique Canberra based Graphic Design and Communications Agency. Mike’s love of art as a form of communication inspired him to establish his own company, CouchCreative, in 2001.

Prior to studying Graphic Design in Sydney in the late 80s, Mike had a passion for drawing and painting and was keen to pursue a career where visual communication would enable him to creatively express himself. Graphic Design provided the perfect career path to develop his skills through the design and development of creative visual communication solutions.

In the early stages of his career, everything was created by hand so, in addition to providing a fantastic creative outlet, the necessity to be technically accurate and meticulous was also extremely important. Then, along came the computer. To say that they revolutionised the industry would be the understatement of the millennium. However, despite opening up the Design industry to non-traditional artist types, it was also the start of an entirely new world of opportunity…the fascinating world of digital communication.

Mike embraced the digital design world and has led his creative team for almost 20 years, designing and developing creative solutions and integrated campaigns for many and varied clients across both traditional and digital channels. And while he may not be picking up the paintbrush or pencils in ‘the line of duty’ anymore, his affinity with creativity and innovative communication solutions provides an outlet that brings a great deal of satisfaction at the end of the day.

Jane Smeets

Nature, connection and compassion thread through Jane Smeets’ artwork. Living in the Fleurieu Peninsula has directed her attention to nature’s life cycles, supporting creative expression and giving voice to the importance of living and loving in the present moment. She has also developed a deep appreciation of the region’s natural beauty and the essentialness of preserving it.

Jane Smeets has worked in the fields of Arts Psychotherapy and as an educator in Palliative Services for 10 years, which has had a significant influence on her art practice. Through her work as an Arts Psychotherapist with the Southern Adelaide Palliative Services, funded by the Laurel Palliative Care Foundation, Smeets’ primary focus has been on the care of the whole person, physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and socially. While working with people facing end of life, her awareness of caring for life within the larger picture of the natural world has increased dramatically. Smeets believes humans and nature are not separate and holistic care depends on the health of the natural world’s organs and tissues – its land, seas, rivers, plant life and all creatures.

Through the Laurel Palliative Care Foundation, Smeets has also delivered The Life Cycles Education (The LEAF Project) to Secondary Schools in Adelaide. The intention of the project is to assist schools in developing a culture that is accepting and supportive of all students on different life journeys and to promote healthier attitudes to death, dying, grief and loss. Art processes are engaged throughout the program to provide a safe and expressive vehicle when exploring the conversation that death is a part of life.


 Tammy McGrath

Tammy McGrath is a Proud Wongatha, Ngadju, Mirning Woman from the Goldfields Region in Western Australia. Tammy is an Aboriginal Health Practitioner and has spent seven years working in Aboriginal Medical Services, providing grassroots, holistic health support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Queensland and Western Australia.

Tammy is currently the State Coordinator for Aboriginal Health Workers in the Palliative Care program for Western Australia Country Health Service, where she advocates for and builds the capacity of the WA Aboriginal Palliative Care Health Workforce.



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