Why talk?

Every day you make decisions.
Some are easy.

When do I need to get up?
What do I want to eat?
Who shall I call next?

Some are more difficult.

Will we have children?
When should I retire?
How do I want to spend my last days?

So what if you unexpectedly became very sick? It might be hard for you to think about what treatment or care you may want. You might even be so sick that you cannot communicate. If that happens, your doctors and family may need to make decisions for you.

Planning ahead can be helpful and it is easier to do this planning when you are well. Talking about the type of health care you might prefer will help others to understand your wishes and help them to make decisions for you if they ever need to. Even though you might find this discussion a bit hard now, it will make their decisions less stressful later.

This guide will help you with that discussion. It will help you prepare, so that you know what you want to say and it will provide you with tips about how to start talking.

Talking about dying might be hard, but it won’t kill you. You might even find that your family is dying to talk.